What is Quick Support?

Quick Support is a program that enables us to look with you on your computer. This program gives an IT support person access based on an ID and password that you will have to hand over yourself. 

In other words, we cannot just look on your computer whenever we feel like it, but only once at a time and only at your request. If you want us to look at your computer, then click on the following link

As Quick Support starts up, you will get several questions about downloading and executing Quick Support.


We prefer that you open this link in Internet Explorer (which is still the standard browser with most companies) 

Below are some brief instructions to open the link.
When clicking on the link, the following will appear:

Select Run (this is secure) The following screen will appear.

Provide “your ID” and “Password” to an IT support specialist. 

Even with a quick support session your data will be handled with strict confidentiality.