Support for integral social, financial, and real estate operations

Housing associations will face serious challenges over the coming years. Social needs will remain the same, whereas the financial resources to redress these will be dramatically reduced. The challenge is to find the right balance between the social, financial, and real estate goals of your housing association.

Ortec Finance supports housing associations by promoting professionalism and facilitating improved decision making. Our services aim to increase your effectiveness, efficiency and transparency.

Optimize operational processes

From an independent perspective, we deliver high-quality and consistent solutions based on a combination of market knowledge, mathematical models and information technology. With these solutions, you can optimize your social, financial and real estate operational processes.

30 years supporting housing associations

Ortec Finance has been supporting housing associations for over 30 years with software, advisory services, and training. We excel in vision, expertise, knowledge of the market, high-quality service, and flexibility. In the Netherlands, 280 housing associations with around 2.1 million objects use our services.

Why housing associations choose Ortec Finance

  • A perfectly integrated and complete solution for financial planning, real estate management, and real estate valuation
  • Proven solutions (widely used, reliable, good performance, certified)
  • Our customer-oriented and knowledgeable staff
  • Continuous improvement of our solutions through ongoing research
  • Financial forecasts as well as insight into financial risks


Frank  Vermeij
Managing Director Real Estate Management
+31 10 700 56 58
  • I want reliable market information for our asset managers
    I want our asset managers to always have access to reliable and current information on market rents and vacant possession values in their portfolio. That way they can reliably weigh the social and financial performance when implementing policy.
  • I want to be able to assess the WOZ-value
    I want to have a tool which allows me to check the WOZ-value and easily identify peaks. This allows us to have effective conversations with the municipal authorities.
  • I want to be able to reliably estimate input and valuations
    I want to not only estimate value, but also get an indication of the reliability of the valuation. This is needed to estimate the risks and improvement areas in the valuation with regard to our own data and comparable transactions.

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