Ortec Finance is a global leading provider of Asset Management solutions for asset managers, banks, and housing corporations. The main objective of performance measurement and attribution is to better understand where returns derive from and to consistently show the added value and the risk of each investment decision. In order to assess risk and return quickly and efficiently, it is crucial to consider the impact of both past and future investment decisions. As an independent specialist, Ortec Finance offers Asset Management software and a number of services. This way we enable our clients to make better investment decisions.

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Different challenges, our solutions

  • I need to model asset classes and investment strategies based on stochastic economic scenarios, in order to define an efficient investment strategy

    For this purpose, Ortec Finance offers investment simulation software (GLASS), including the Dynamic Scenario Generator for stochastic scenario simulation. This enables replicating integrated long and short term financial and economic risks and returns to support both investment decision making and strategic risk management in a consistent way.

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  • How can I, as a bank, be distinctive towards clients by giving them a better insight into the balancing of risk and return?

    If all financial institutions create new models for client loyalty, the question arises how to differentiate yourself. Ortec Finance provides tools to help you with this: the use of state-of-the-art calculations leads to better advice and wider understanding for the client. It also makes it easier to explain to regulators how the front end works and helps clients to make better decisions. Automated advice leads to more added value for the client. Providing platforms that use a completely holistic financial planning means that you stand out in terms of the customer journey, user experience and, again, added value. Of course, the ability to quickly deliver and implement tools also means a shorter time-to-market.

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  • I want to reach my strategic goals and choose the best policy with my real estate

    Our software and our expert advisors enable housing corporations to make better investment decisions. It is key for corporations to make integral decisions that have an eye for the social, financial and real estate perspective. AM makes it possible to quickly simulate the effect of policy changes and make the optimal choice. Furthermore, a link to WALS makes it possible to easily and faultlessly supply the multiannual budget.

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