OPAL enables goal-based strategic planning and goal-based investment decision-making. We leverage our institutional investment risk management expertise by using top-notch calculations as the core of the solution. This enables financial institutions to translate personal goals of their clients into an optimal financial plan and monitor these goals over time.

Sophisticated solution, advanced calculations, simple communications & better client engagement!

From a client intake module and risk-profiling tool to (online) client reporting and proactive monitoring – OPAL offers you solutions for all stages in a goal-based advisory process. With OPAL, you can translate personal goals into an optimal investment strategy. This client-centric approach further increases the likelihood of meeting your client's expectations and improves business retention. By integrating OPAL, for goal-based strategic planning and goal-based investing, risk and return are communicated consistently across the entire product range and business models, resulting in a uniform investment experience.

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  • A proven global solution with local implementation
  • Integrated cash flow planning and wealth planning
  • Monitoring of goals and risk
  • Supporting both a direct and an omni-channel approach
  • Institutional quality economic scenarios with customizable benchmark selection

Tailor-made projections for better investment decisions

OPAL, for goal based strategic planning and goal based investing, is easily integrated with your business processes, contributing to a structured and efficient process that is compliant with (inter)national regulation. This comprehensive approach results in tailor-made projections, client-centric financial advice, and consequently, better investment decisions. OPAL therefore ensures implementation of and compliance with MiFID and ESMA or local guidelines.

The web-based financial planning and investment decision support tool meets the needs of different business models as well as a wide range of online advice propositions. OPAL can be easily integrated with your existing architecture, advisory tooling (hybrid) and online(direct) platform, thus guaranteeing real-time web service and fast performance.

Different challenges, one solution

  • How to improve profitability and efficiency?

    Improving profitability and efficiency: banks are constantly looking for optimizing their ROI. A digital journey is often seen as a way to achieve this. Also, improving advisory tooling helps in achieving this goal. Ortec Finance tooling can help bring automated advice to it’s clients. Automated advice will make both digital customer journeys more efficient through higher trust levels and higher conversion rates. In an advisory context, automated advice empowers advisors to focus on the client and not on the technical aspects of an advice. Therefore, risk of mistakes reduces, quality of advice improves and number of clients to be handled can go up. 

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  • I want a solution for Goal-based Financial Planning

    A financial planning tool that additionally offers you an integrated cash flow planning tool. The main objective of cash flow planning in OPAL is to identify possible budget shortfalls or surpluses. This provides information on the effect on the development of capital and the realization of financial goals.

    All solutions can be offered separately or integrated into one platform.

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  • How to keep up with regulations and compliance?

    All financial entities that give advice face severe regulatory and compliance pressure. This takes vast amounts of resources, both in time and money. The OPAL tooling of Ortec Finance deals with several aspects of for example MiFID: suitability, appropriateness and cost transparency. By engaging Ortec Finance early in regulatory projects, these can be combined with creating digital journeys and therefore using resources more efficiently.

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A few of our Delighted Customers

OPAL's key functionalities

  • Investment decision support: A thousand economic scenarios provide you with a realistic insight into the development of risk and return and the feasibility of achieving goals. Through the use of what-if scenarios, OPAL provides a clear picture of the effects of investment decisions, changes in the financial situation of a customer, and market developments on the feasibility of goals.

  • Scenarios of institutional quality: OPAL gives you access to Ortec Finance's Dynamic Scenario Generator, which is used in the institutional market. This powerful stochastic projection engine generates real world economic scenarios that reflect plausible future developments and are built on sophisticated analysis of historical behaviour.

  • Holistic approach: Projections in OPAL incorporate inflation risk and currency risk for all financial items (salary, pension income, investments, residence, etc) . In additionclient-specific information that affects the financial situation and objectives of the client, such as (international) taxes and cost of services, are also considered. Benchmark selection is customizable resulting in economic scenarios that are in line with your investment strategy. Different allocation strategies, like life cycle or rebalance, can be selected to correspond with different financial goals.

  • Localization of financial products and taxes: OPAL takes local legislation into account. Also, characteristics of financial products and taxes are based on the local rules of each country.

  • Monitoring risk and return: Continuous monitoring of risk, return, and financial goals for individual clients as well as the entire client base allows you to manage your clients in a more proactive and efficient way. This helps increase trust and client satisfaction.

  • Reporting & online communication: OPAL platform offers several client advisory, communication, and report options to meet the needs of different business models and to support the client journey. Client reports range from a traditional financial plan to a variety of online communication options. Clear visual aids that help clients and advisers to better understand their options and significantly improve decision making.

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