The state-of-the-art customizable solutions combine independent research-backed ESG and climate change data with established investment modeling.

Insights for financial institutions into quantified climate change and ESG driven financial risks and opportunities, integrated software solutions, in line with regulatory requirements.

We offer climate-aware data and tools for: 

  • Strategic Asset Allocation & ALM
  • TCFD disclosure
  • Comprehensive monitoring of transition and physical climate-related risks & opportunities
  • Extreme weather risk management
  • Portfolio Paris alignment

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Willemijn Verdegaal
Willemijn Verdegaal
Co-Head Climate & ESG Solutions
+31 10 700 54 97
Lisa Eichler
Lisa Eichler
Co-Head Climate & ESG Solutions
+31 10 700 54 98
  • Climate MAPS

    Systemic climate risk aware economic and financial scenarios

    Climate MAPS enables institutional investors to quantify the systemic impacts of climate change on the real economy and financial markets. MAPS enables investors to measure the impact on their expected portfolio risk and return at both the total portfolio, asset class, sector and country level.

    Climate MAPS integrates systemic climate risks and opportunities, for several global warming pathways, into real world scenario sets traditionally used for SAA & ALM analysis.

    With Climate MAPS, institutions can:
    • Easily integrate climate informed financial metrics into any SAA/ALM software
    • Enhance climate-related financial risk disclosure
    • Inform a strategic framework for a consistent climate-intelligent investment strategy
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    Webinar on Climate MAPS
    ClimateMAPS is the first tool of its kind to integrate systemic climate risks and opportunities associated with different global warming pathways into financial scenarios sets that drive strategic investment decision-making. Have a look at our webinar recording where we introduced key updates including extreme weather events modeling, market sentiment dynamics and volatility as well as country/region heat maps.

    Watch the full webinar

  • Climate SIGNS

    Climate signposting service driven by dynamic, real-world data

    Climate SIGNS enables financial institutions to assign global warming pathway probabilities, by a well-structured, independent, thoughtful and transparent methodology.

    It is a user-friendly web portal that displays the current state of the world, and where it is heading regarding climate change.

    With Climate SIGNS, institutions can:
    • Inform climate-aware strategic asset allocation
    • Inform investment decisions with up to date information on climate regulation, technology, and physical impacts at both a regional and global level

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  • Climate PREDICT

    Quantify future extreme weather event impacts

    Climate PREDICT enables financial institutions to quantify future climate change related physical risks per climate pathway based on the client’s specific geographical exposure to these risks.

    A breakthrough in climate change-informed catastrophe modelling: the PALgamma model quantifies future climate-change related extreme weather events and their financial impacts at the region, country and city level.

    With Climate PREDICT, institutions can:
    • Recalculate real asset, real estate or mortgage portfolios with quantified climate related physical risks
    • Enhance insurance companies in-house P&C catastrophe models
    • Benefit from the integration with Climate MAPS

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  • Climate ALIGN

    Enabling portfolio Paris alignment

    Climate ALIGN combines climate-informed risk-return decision making with aligning your investment portfolio to Paris goals. This solution provides quantitative, forward-looking insight into how to match portfolio alignment with fiduciary responsibilities.

    Expected launch: Summer 2020


    With Climate ALIGN, institutions can:
    • Measure the alignment of their investment portfolio to the Paris agreement
    • Combine their fiduciary financial objectives with sustainable investment objectives

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