By Industry. We improve investment decision making

Ortec Finance serves pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurers, asset managers, banks and real estate managers. All our clients seek tools and support in order to make sound decisions about their asset management and financial planning. It is precisely for these kind of decisions, for both the short term and the long term, and taking into account the present situation and uncertain circumstances, that Ortec Finance has been creating solutions for many years now. We do this through high-quality, science-based, distinctive models and software. Furthermore, we are a reliable party, with a proven track record for implementation and advice.

By application. This is how we can help you

Making the right investment decisions is complicated. Our purpose is to enable people to manage this complexity, from the professional at a large institutional investor to the private investor saving for personal goals. By providing each of them with the appropriate tools and advice, they can better understand the consequences of their decisions. Furthermore, they can adjust their decisions or goals when needed, enabling them to become more successful in achieving their objectives.

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