Every salesperson worth their salt will be able to tell you in confident and charming terms that their product is ideal for you. Visit a range of car dealerships with nothing more than a basic idea of what you want and you will inevitably come away at the end of the day thinking "they can't all be perfect for me can they?"

Every estate agent gives you the best chance of selling your house, every TV package perfectly suits your viewing habits and every bank gives you the best way of managing your money.

This phenomenon is based on the modern trend of blindly trusting in graphs, tables and sales patter – that these people are the real experts, so they must know what is best for you.

No one provider is the same in terms of expertise, style, contacts, resources etc. – so deciding on the person to go with, based on the best brochures or the best carefully-selected headline figures, is a risky move when you then try and make it work against your initial needs.

More often than not the long-term result is a product that doesn't suit you, not quite achieving the result you had hoped for and starting the search again.

A similar situation seems to be creeping into the pensions industry, specifically in scheme tenders for fiduciary management advice.

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