Over the past ten years, risk management has been elevated to a central position in a governance agenda. Risk management is actually a wide concept and the term ‘risk’ could apply to nearly every point on the agenda. Therefore, nowadays risk management is not exclusively about investments or other finance-related risks. Managing pension funds, for example, entail a great deal of risks that require in-depth discussion by the fund’s management. This presents considerable challenges for the management. The Ortec Finance (OF) Risk Navigator offers a new, interactive form of reports that meet the challenges of modern risk management.

OF Risk Navigator

The quantity and volume of existing reports and analyses can create a situation in which the core of risk management gets lost. The OF Risk Navigator provides a well-organised framework in which risks that originate from various sources are consolidated. Periodically, it also indicates how and when one can best manage these risks. The OF Risk Navigator lists all the risks and proposes appropriate management measures. Furthermore, the reports serve as clear signals for taking timely management steps. The OF Risk Navigator is modular and therefore can be set up totally according to the needs of the pension fund. Moreover, the Risk Navigator is available on tablets in an interactive format. 

Evaluating the strategic policy

In its most basic form, the OF Risk Navigator provides a report that enables management to evaluate and enhance its strategic policy and risk frameworks. This occurs at least every three years during an Asset Liability Management (ALM) study. Developments in the financial market, changed economic expectations and changes in the fund’s financial position might result in a situation in which the strategy determined during the ALM study may no longer correspond fully with the objectives of the pension fund. The OF Risk Navigator is capable of carrying out a what-if-analysis and a sensitivity analysis of these objectives based on the most recent financial and economic situations. This enables the pension fund to make timely adjustments, to substantiate the relevant decisions and to justify them vis-à-vis the stakeholders. This evaluation can take place annually, every six months or per quarter. Therefore, the evaluation can also offer a guideline for establishing the annual investment plan.

Integral risk management

The OF Risk Navigator not only evaluates strategic risks, it also contains additional modules that deal with other risks related to a pension fund. This will allow monitoring the risk budget and evaluating the various financial risks, such as interest, inflation, currency and credit risks. This information is usually also available in reports from the asset manager, the fiduciary manager or the custodian but – using the OF Risk Navigator – you can also consolidate all this information from various risk sources. For example, via the dashboard and the menu, the report provides a well-organised and complete overall picture of the entire risk spectrum.

If required, alongside the financial risks, the OF Risk Navigator also offers reports about non-financial risks and supervision-related topics. Nowadays, such issues are important components of integral risk management. The OF Risk Navigator ensures that this information is consolidated in an orderly fashion and can be made available via an interactive report.

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