The Ortec Finance 12th Annual client conference in Amsterdam was a great success. My experience at the conference was extremely positive as I had a chance to interact with clients from across the globe.

The unique opportunity to spend time with top industry professionals from South Korea, Canada, The United States, Germany, The Netherlands, Israel, and many more has been a great learning experience. Clients had the platform to share best practices in using Ortec Finance solutions as well as learn from each other in an open collaborative environment.


These are my top 3 takeaways from the conference:


1. Pension Fund - Risk Management increasingly important


On day one of the conference I attended the GLASS workshop which was very well received as the Ortec Finance team gave additional insight into the newly created “Near-Optimal solution” based on Ortec Finance’s research on creating low volatility portfolios for optimal portfolio generation. Clients found the methodology of this solution extremely interesting, mixing clients risk appetites with the efficient frontier. Client engagement in the GLASS session was very strong and conversations continued into dinner and the second day of the conference. Read more information about our GLASS solution.  


2. Fixed income attribution in Investment Performance is a challenge many global funds face


The PEARL (Investment Performance) user workshop was standing room only. The very popular session saw clients mainly discussing fixed income attribution and methodology around it. Many clients learned just how flexible the PEARL platform truly is. The flexibility to use Ortec Finance models while making tweaks to personalize has been very well received by clients. The user group session showed that Ortec Finance consultants are committed to working with clients to personalize the analysis and product experience. Read more information about our PEARL solution.  


3. Climate Change – increased ESG awareness by funds in Europe, North America lagging


Climate change claimed to be the most popular topic and session of the conference. With many differing views on Climate and its impact on capital markets it was clear that European funds and asset managers are well ahead of the curve when compared to their North American and Asian counterparts. The sentiment that “change is hard” was echoed numerously by North American clients, but it is great to see that Ortec Finance is at the forefront of implementing positive change in client investment decision making. Read more information about our Climate & ESG solution.  


Richard Boyce
Richard Boyce
Managing Director Canada
+1 416 878 2742

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