How can we help you?

With our expertise and software we enable you to better manage the complexity of your investment decision making

Ortec Finance is a global, privately held, and employee-owned company that employs over 250 people with expertise in econometrics, economics, investment management, actuarial sciences and information technology.

Ortec Finance provides technology and solutions for financial risk and return management, helping you to manage complex investment decisions. We provide sophisticated solutions for asset-liability management, asset allocation, ex-ante and ex-post risk management, performance measurement and risk attribution, and (goal-based) financial planning.

Our global clients range from pension funds, insurance companies, and asset managers to municipalities, housing corporations, sovereign wealth funds, banks, and private wealth managers. We guide you and your customers through your strategic, tactical, and operational investment decision making with the highest level of objectivity, transparency, and integrity.

With the help of our software we enable you to gain insight into the consequences of potential decisions, enlarge the transparency of your decision-making process, and ensure that you are in control. We do this by offering a combination of quantitative models, IT, and market knowledge.