The Climate and ESG solutions team from Ortec Finance was delighted to be present at the PRI in Person 2019 event that took place in Paris from September 10 - 12. Widely acclaimed as the leading global conference on responsible investment, the PRI event offers a platform for all the PRI signatories and other investment professionals to learn, network and collaborate over a three-day period.

During this event, we got the chance to catch up with people within our network and attended different sessions conducted by hundreds of experts from across the investment industry and beyond. The event highlighted the latest innovations in responsible investment practice and emphasized the urgency to act immediately to prevent climate and ecological catastrophes. The speakers urged to make the most of this growing awareness and momentum on climate issues as that will result in an ‘Inevitable Policy Response.’ It was made clear that financial institutions should apply scenario analysis to assess climate risks on their portfolio and build resilience to such risks.

Apart from the PRI event, the Ortec Finance Climate team also attended several other programs that took place in Paris. Lisa Eichler, Co-head of Climate & ESG Solutions, was invited to be part of a panel at ‘The Green Embassy Dialogue’ at the Embassy of Ireland where she discussed 'EU Climate Transition Investing' and contributed to judging the ‘Transparent Aligned Asset Manager Award.’

We also co-organized the Open Source-Climate Round-table together with The Pacific Pension & Investment Institute, the Linux Foundation, the Club of Rome, Cambridge Econometrics, and OS-Climate. About 50 participants joined the session, representing asset owners, asset managers, insurers, data and modelling firms, NGOs and intergovernmental organisations. Ortec Finance will build an open source platform to host a combination of top-down and bottom-up climate scenario modeling. The data and models can then be used to integrate into portfolio construction, asset allocation, and security selection amongst others as well as stress testing and other uses for financial institutions.

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Lisa Eichler
Lisa Eichler
Co-Head Climate & ESG Solutions
+31 10 700 54 98
Willemijn Verdegaal
Willemijn Verdegaal
Co-Head Climate & ESG Solutions
+31 10 700 54 97