Working at Ortec Finance

Ortec Finance is a fast-growing international company. Do you want to work in an innovative and challenging environment where you get every opportunity to develop your talents? 

What we do

We help our clients make better investment decisions and thereby achieve their goals. We are active in markets that right now are in full swing and have great social relevance.

Creating opportunities

We offer you plenty of chances to fully use your talents. Our sophisticated technology and solutions always meet the latest requirements. Therefore we are continuously evolving as a company. This creates opportunities for our employees.

Our corporate culture

We have an open and informal corporate culture; we always want to hear good ideas. New employees are given responsibilities right from the start. Because we find development important, you will receive active and personal guidance to help you flourish. You will be working mainly with independent, highly educated colleagues who invest in their future. At Ortec Finance you have the opportunity to progress to different positions in different countries or choose a specialised career.

Our core values

We believe that by adhering to our deep-rooted core values, it is possible to build a successful business. At Ortec Finance we believe in:


We deeply believe that models improve decision-making. Models combined with software technology provide easy access to complex knowledge, based on vast amounts of data and experiences. Models based on profound market knowledge and used in a proper way contribute to consistency, transparency and efficiency and can thereby help people to become more successful in achieving their objectives.

Continuous innovation

No matter what we have achieved, we always strive to do better. We continuously improve our models, our solutions and our way of working. This continuous innovation helps us to remain relevant for our clients by keeping up with market developments but also by anticipating on trends and opportunities emerging from new technology, legislation and regulation.

Independent and reliable

We are an independent and reliable partner for our clients. We avoid conflicts of interest and go out of our way to deliver what we promise, supported by the integrity which serves as our guiding compass in everything we do.

Personal initiative and helping each other

We encourage personal initiative and want to help each other to be successful in our endeavours. Being open to new ideas, insights and suggestions for improvement, regardless of seniority and current strategy, supports our personal wellbeing and stimulates innovation.

Long-term relationships

We strive for and invest in long-term relationships, with each other as well as with our clients. Apart from that we simply feel that this is the right thing to do, this helps us to retain our knowledge and experience within the company and to work with our clients in a sustainable way to reach their objectives.

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HR Director
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